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Diesel Generator DP100C5S

Diesel Generator DP100C5S


Cummins Engine

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General Specifications
Frequency(Hz): 50
Prime power(KVA(KW)): 100/80
Standby power(KVA(KW)): 110/88
Phase & wires: 3*4
Power factor: 0.8
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel consumption L/h(at 100% load): 20.1
Fuel consumption L/h(at 75% load): 16.8
Fuel tank capacity(L): 180
Continuous runing hours(at 75%
load): 11
Starting system: Electric


- Engine
Model: 6BT5.9G1
No. of cylinders: 6
Bore x stroke(mm): 102*120
Displacement(L): 5.9
Engine speed(rpm): 1500
Rated power(KW/BHP): N/A/N/A
Lubrication oil(L): 15W40CF4
Oil capacity(L): 14.2
Coolant capacity(L): 29.7
Governer method: Mechanical

- Alternator
Alternator model: UCI274C
No. of poles: 4
Insulation(Hz): H
Voltage regulation(%): ±1.0
Excitation system: Brushless

- Soundproof Sets
Length: 2850
Width: 1130
Height: 1558
Approx net weight(Kg): 1627
Noise level(dBA@7m): 63

- Open Sets
Model: DP100C5
Length: 2110
Width: 891
Height: 1530
Approx net weight(Kg): 1220.85
Fuel tank capacity: 208

Standard Features:
• Cummins engine
• Stamford Alternator
• Excitation system: Selfexcited
• Enginemounted battery charging alternator
• Alternator IP23 protection, Canopy IP54 protection,Control system
• Stainless galvanized zinc plates with strong corrosion resistance
• Vibration isolators between the engine/Alternator and base frame
• Integrated wiring design
• Equipped with an industrial muffler
• Ambient Tempreature: 20°C to 50 °C. The coolant heater is needed when the temperature is below 5°C.
• 50°C Radiator
• High water temperature protection
• Low fuel level alarm
• 3 pole circuit breaker and power loom
• Neutral earth link
• Coolant and Lubricating Oil
• Drainage for fuel tank
• Top lifting and wooden pallet frame for forklift slots for 60kVA and below
• Steel base frame with top lifting and fork slots for 80kVA to 200kVA.
• Complete protection functions and safety labels

Optional Features:
• AMF controllers are optional for the generators standardized with Auto Gen controllers.
• AREP and PMG are optional
• ATS ( Automatic transfer switch)
• Sockets
• AMF controller
• Water jacket preheater, oil heater and double air cleaner, etc.
• 4 pole circuit breaker
• Automatic fueling system
• Fuel level switch
• Fuel transfer circuit